Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review Oopsy Mazey - Mini 2, not quite the same quality as the bigger maze balls ...

A previous week. I'm looking for information on the Oopsy Mazey - Mini 2 Addictive maze ball, so i have to tell.

Oopsy Mazey - Mini 2 Addictive maze ball

Oopsy Mazey is a 3D labyrinth game inside a transparent sphere where players must maneuver and balance a small metal ball through challenging barriers and loops defying gravity to reach the finish line without Oopsy Dropping the metal ball. Playing the Game (Game Instructions) Drop the metal ball into the (A) starting point roll it ... TWIST IT... flip it... guiding the ball .... Read more or Check Price

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not quite the same quality as the larger maze balls the ball does not roll well enough. Still a useful thing for the long wait or rides. by T.Swift

Bon voyage toy size. Maze is funny that held children and adults alike busy for hours. I highly recommend this one over the mini version 1. Deserves an extra few dollars. by Don Steketee


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